Alan Gilmour

Guitar and lead vocals

Alan has perfected both the guitar playing together with the vocal stylings of the great Mr. Gilmour. Despite being less than half of Daves original height!

Andy Snowy-White

Guitar, keyboards and  backing vocals

'Clever clogs' Andy contributes not only guitar and backing vocals but keyboards too.....and he has more guitar pedals than most local music shops!!

Adam Mason 

Drums and programming

The 'blue haired' baby of the band Adam expertly recreates Nick Masons drumming style and is responsible for a lot of the 'twiddly' programming on things like  'On the run'

Paul Waters

Bass guitar & samples

Our very own Roger Waters...Paul has played on stage at major UK music festivals including Glastonbury and Latitude, as well as South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Great backing vocals too!.

Ian Wright

Keyboards & backing vocals

Ian is the undoubted genius of the band and around whom the universe revolves, there is literally nothing he can't do and were truly blessed to have him in the band...... he also writes the band biographies too!

Sheryl Torrey


Sheryl provides those 'oh so important' female vocals. With such a great voice it's no surpise that 'The great gig in the sky' is a real 'tour de force' and a typical case in point!

Dave Parry


Dave used to be a bass player but he saw the light (probably quite literally) when a car hit him and forced him to change instruments as a result of a hand injury. The 'Bass Player Club's loss is most definitely the 'Saxophone Associations' gain!


A tribute to one of the all time great bands

Enjoy a superb nights entertainment as Mimik Floyd expertly recreate the sights and sound of a 'real' Pink Floyd show. 
Look out for a show near you soon!